Sheldon – DJ & Rapping

I’ve been DJ’ing Professionally on and off for about 20 years, spinning in clubs all across the United Kingdom and Europe. I got myself a part time job when I was 14, I saved all my money just so i could build on my Vinyl Record Collection and help me be able to afford the latest DJ Tech. Spinning for Ministry of Sound in London for a year helped me to hone my live, practical skills, eventually moving on to other residencies around the world. DJing and MCing on bills with some of the biggest names in Drum n’ Bass and Garage, gaining experience and technique intensively for 5 years. sharing platters with the likes of EZ, Dj Luck, Tall Paul, DJ Marky and many other big names in the dance scene.

My DJ’ing led to opportunities for MC’ing spots with some incredible talent all over the country, back in the days of hyping crowds at raves, and creating atmosphere with lyrical finesse.

At the age of 19, I started my Rap Career and began putting out albums and Mixtapes on a regular basis. Progressing my ability and building my performing talent. I have written, released and recorded over 15 independent solo projects. i spent some time on the freestyle battle circuit before deciding that in its very nature, the animosity in the scene was not for me.

I have shared the stage with many famous names, from Immortal Technique, DJ Format, Abdominal, Skepta, Wiley, Tinchy Stryder, Sway, Chip, Skinnyman and many more…

I have performed for audiences both big and small, from as few as 10 people, all the way up to as many as 15,000, but the size of the crowd has never been important to me, the absolute love of music and my passion for creativity has always been the driving force behind everything I’ve ever done and is still as relevant to all that i currently do still now 20 years on.

I am Part of a Group called Beat-spoke that have won many talent competitions and awards for performance innovation. This group consists of myself and a Beatboxer and together we deliver an entirely freestyle performance, interactively with the audience, for example the audience are asked to shout out subjects, or hold up objects from in their pockets, that i then use to create brand new lyrics, songs and stories on the spot, this is classical Freestyle, where no writing is done before hand.

I use my DJ’ing experience to give students a full range of skills and abilities that will allow them to either, go on to pursue DJ’ing as a Vocation or Occupation in the future, or give them a more comprehensive overall insight, understanding and idea of music technology, performance and/or musical knowledge and what that could entail.

I use my own writing and performance experience to give young people the tools and confidence to express themselves in a positive way and allow them to have a platform to be creative and have a voice, by showing them writing techniques, that I have created or adopted myself after working with young people in various agencies for the last 8 years.